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A 29-year-old, single woman is thrilled to find the man of her dreams until she discovers what he does for a living.  He runs a family-owned funeral home.

  1. 2018  to be produced and staged by Ridgefield Barn Theater's One Acts Showcase in Ridgefield, CT 

GOOD GRIEF – one act play - comedy (2013) / revised (2017)

A young, New York married couple battle over their NetFlix account, which brings up a lot of other issues in their new marriage.

  1. 2009 Produced and staged in NYC at the American Globe Theatre and at The Secret Theatre

  2. 2013 Published in The LIC One Act Play Festival book. Available for sale on Amazon and at the Drama Shop on W. 42nd St. in NYC.

  3. 2018  to be produced and staged by Ridgefield Barn Theater's One Acts Showcase in Ridgefield, CT

NETFITS  - one act play – comedy   (2009)

An idealist, urban farmer attempts to convince a city landowner to turn over his small patch of NYC land so he can grow a community garden. The landowner has other plans for it.

  1. 2010 Produced and staged Off-Off Broadway by Thespian Productions in NYC

  2. 2010 Produced and staged by the Chicago Dramatists Workshop

EXTREME GREEN – one act play– comedy  (2010)

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In this drama, a brother and sister argue about the merits of a particular piece of art work while on vacation in San Diego,. The unlikely tourists find themselves at the base of the 25-foot bronze statue, titled "Unconditional Surrender", a replica of the WWII soldier kissing a nurse in Times Square.  The backstory of the iconic kiss comes into play here and soon emotions run high in accessing personal boundaries. Is "the kiss" a spontaneous, romantic moment between a soldier and a civilian, or is it an assault against an unsuspecting woman on the street? Either way, this tourist stop promises to be memorable.

  1. 2016 Produced by Distilled Radio Theatre, NYC - Released on iTunes

The Kiss – one act play - comedy/drama (2016)

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